Specifications - Electrical


Original (1963)

Square D QO 100-Amp Panel

  • This panel was completely full with the bottom two breaker positions legally populated with tandem/piggy-back breakers.

New (2019)

Square D QO 200-Amp Panel - 42 Spaces


Original (1963)

  • Garage had access to two interior 15A circuits.  Neither were dedicated to the garage, did not make any sense, & were a nuisance when using power tools.

New (2019)

Square D QO 100-Amp Sub-Panel

North & East walls each have access to dedicated 20A circuits for power tools

Data Center

  • Two, 20A dedicated circuits ran to separate positions where two, wall-mounted 18U server racks will be installed.


New GFCI outlets with weatherproof boxes installed on North & East walls to support a new low-voltage landscape transformer & power tools.

  • Will continue going around the exterior of the home in 2020 to replace all exterior outlets


Old (1963)

We had a lamp post in the middle of our rear landscape/retaining wall on a dedicated circuit.

  • I did digging/exploration with the electricians on-site, & we determined this is not safe to use going forward.  No grounding present & may not even have conduit all the way.

New (2019)

  • Removed broken lamp post
  • Installed & cemented 6x6x6’ Cedartone post.

Future (2020)


Eddy’s Electric

  • Thank you!  Very clean work.