About sunnySide ↑

Welcome to sunnySide ↑ Solar Lab & Orchards.  sunnySide ↑ is situated on a corner lot in a quiet valley in Burnsville, MN.  I purchased the property in 2010 & began the process of retro-fitting my 1963 home for the future.  In April 2018, I installed a 10.67kW roof-mounted solar array.  The idea began & was inspired by my first AirBnB in 2011 to a beautiful, off-grid, solar-powered cabin situated on a serene lake in greater Alaska that was built to promote sustainable life.  I could tell the owner of this cabin cared about Earth, so I needed to figure out how to do this to my own home.

I am choosing to openly share our production & consumption data, so you can see what the impact of we are doing looks like in a single-family home in Minnesota.  I promote technology & sustainability, but I also want to be careful with our consumption.  Our hope is that by sharing our data, we will have inspired someone else to try solar energy for their family or home.

Enjoy & welcome.