Oliver & Chewie Care Instructions

Oliver & Chewie Care Instructions

Oliver & Chewie Care Instructions

First off, thank you for taking care of them. They will appreciate it being a familiar face & start to pick up on the routine pretty quickly.

I will be leaving at 6AM on Wednesday (2/1). The front door will be locked. We will use the garage door remote keypad as the entrance to the home. The code will sent separately. In case it does not work, I will plant the front door's physical key in a small container in a barrel at the top of the driveway. The dogs will have had breakfast & been let outside twice (once when waking up, & once following the meal). They will have free reign to the main floor. Access to the basement will be closed. All rooms upstairs will be closed, including the bathroom (first door on the right). The second/last door on the left is my bedroom & will be their sleeping quarters while I am gone. The "light switch" is a Philips Hue remote on top of the big dresser (in front of you as you enter the room). I leave it on the lowest setting for them when they are going to sleep alone for awhile. They will run up the ramp & wait for a treat.

The first check will be on Wednesday from 4-6PM to let them out the back door (through the garage) to the dog area to pee/poop. You will come in through the garage, so they'll think you "got home". Chewie hasn't been really interested in eating rabbit or dog poop the past few weeks, so it's been a non-issue.

Once they come inside.. their food bowls are on the wire rack to the left of the fridge. Chewie's is green & Oliver's is blue. For dinner, they each get 3 vitamins from the bags/bottles on the edge of the kitchen table near the window. The kitchen pantry is the small closet in the hallway that has the large dog food container on the floor. They each get 1 scoop of the food on top of the vitamins. Finally, in the fridge, they each get 1 pump of the salmon oil. Mix it by shaking it round & round for 10 seconds as you set up each dog. Chewie gets his first & goes in the hallway near the longer closet. Oliver gets his second & goes in front of the oven.

Once they are done, I pull the dishes up & put them away. This is when you could pause for 5-10 minutes out in the living room & spend a little time with them before returning later.

Bed time should be around 9-10PM. They will need to go outside to go pee/poop. At this point, in the same area as their dog dishes, there are bags of Zukes treats. They each get one of these once they are in the bed. When they see what you are doing, Oliver will likely run upstairs to bed in advance & Chewie will follow you.

The door will need to be closed all the way. They may get down off the bed. This is fine & would be expected. As long as they see the routine in place, I don't think they'll panic. Howling could happen though. They'll figure it out.

Rise & shine is usually around 5:30AM-7:00AM. They would need to be let out of the bedroom, down to the kitchen & immediately outside to pee/poop. They would each then get a scoop of dog chow for breakfast. No additives for breakfast. I just refilled the master water bowl, so water should be fine while I am gone.

At that point, you could spend 5-10 minutes with them.. ensure the bedroom door is closed & depart.

After this, the final check would be 4-6PM for dinner. Same routine for dinner as the previous day. I should be home sometime around 7-8PM I would imagine.

Good luck & thank you.