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Welcome to a sunnySide ↑ Little Free Library

Established August 2019

Owner & Operator – Jordan Heinz

Librarian – Jordan Heinz –

Librarian’s Assistants – Elizabeth Heinz & Kaitlyn Hohnstadt

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sunnySide ↑ Rules

Little Free Library is a community-driven, unattended book exchange service.  As a result, we ask that you always exchange & place a book in place of the one you are wanting to take home & read.  Any act outside of this will be considered unethical, theft of property, and will be reported to the police with supporting video evidence.  The library is under 24 hour recorded, video surveillance.

sunnySide ↑ FAQ

Can my dog pee on the library post?

  • Absolutely.  We are a pet friendly library.

Can I sit on your bench to read a book/e-book?

  • Again, absolutely.  It’s why the librarian insisted it be placed there.

What are the library hours of operation?

  • Sunrise to sunset.

What condition do my books need to be in for the Library to receive them?

  • Gently used & undamaged, please.

Can I bring multiple books or a box of books?

Yes, please place them in a covered box, neatly on either side of the front door of 108 Mary Ann Lane.

We review these areas daily for deliveries.

  • Thank you for choosing to help!

sunnySide ↑ News


All posts going forward will be posted on sunnySide ↑ BBS & linked to here instead.

  • This will allow you to view blog posts categorized into area of interest.


Good news.

Introducing sunnySide ↑ BBS

This is our new art & science blog

It will be active for many years to come, subscribe & follow along!


  • We received some nice overnight rain for the gardens
  • Enjoy a calm, cool Mother’s Day


sunnySide ↑ Art Gallery updated with our TuxPaint & Minecraft artwork

  • Happy Mother’s Day 2020


We still welcome the spring rains

  • Hint :)


We now welcome the spring rains

  • Enjoy a peaceful day


Wave petunias planted into four long Garden planters by the library gardening staff

  • Moved near library by the librarian


sunnySide ↑ LFL is closed for library renovations & staff training during COVID-19

  • We are still accepting book donations.  Thank you!


  • sunnySide ↑ Wildflower Garden sowed

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sunnySide ↑ Clubs

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mission statement

strong commitment to inspiring children with an advanced STEM learning experience

a technology-driven after-school organization/club

structured, hands-on classroom-like experience with step-by-step, instructor-led curriculum in our areas of specialization

  • strong emphasis on exploring curiosity, lessons learned & the continuous process of improvement with all individual & group projects
  • private social networking & groupthink
  • digital, public artwork galleries & code repositories
  • weekly group events, meetings, wellness & sports activities
  • schedule
  • membership


  • e-reading
  • early childhood education & learning with Linux
  • microcontroller programming
  • prototyping
  • robotics
  • r.c.
  • jet propulsion
  • hardware hacking
  • mini & micro farming
  • science projects & experiments
  • cryptocurrency mining & investing
  • low-voltage smart home landscape & design
  • smart home automation
  • interior & exterior ambient/mood smart lighting
  • 3-d printing
  • multiplayer minecraft java edition
  • rocket league


  • mission statement
  • schedule
  • membership


  • hi-fi retro arcade gaming
  • high performance video game emulation
  • childhood education using linux
  • recycled & low-cost PCs
  • single board computing
  • programming
  • internet of things
  • knowledge management & documentation
  • wiki

sunnySide ↑ Learning Philosophy

  • We only learn in quiet, organized environments
  • Wellness & nutrition are vital components in a proper learning environment

Children in the 21st century should have far more

Early childhood computing tools

  • Open-source Linux or Android Laptop or single-board PC with QWERTY keyboard & wireless mouse

Early childhood exposure to programming & electronics engineering

  • This helps identify, embrace, & train the makers & creators of the next generation

Focused & structured digital build time

  • This embraces & engages the child’s creative imagination


We embrace a philosophy of encouraging children & adults to do a daily, active 60-minutes of exercise for all 4 seasons

  • Pick-up Sports
  • Walking/Speed Walking
  • Hiking
  • Cycling & Scooters
  • Indoor/Outdoor Dancing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Aerobics

Indoor/Outdoor Gaming

Nintendo Wii

  • This is where we can think differently & embrace the Nintendo Wii for being a pioneer in physically engaging the player in a clean list of interactive games.
  • Virtual Reality

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